Andrzej Heldwein the Bronze Medal FIAP (La Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique) winner of the International Salon of Art Photography Competition 2010 was born in Warsaw in Poland.
 In the 70’s he studied painting at famouse paintress Barbara Jonsher’s studio and drawing with Krzysztof Wachowiak at Academy of Fine Arts Warsaw. After he graduated Philosophy in Warsaw in the 80’s he was applying himself to professional photography.
 In Schaffhausen/Switzerland in Sinar Studios he has been dealing with large-format photography. In the 80’s he co-operated with many magazines as a news photographer and also he cultivated advertising, fashion and motor photography. His photographs have appeared also in many books and publications.
 Heldwein’s photos have been also often exhibited at home and abroad.
 He specializes in stage events and concerts,  religious, ethnographical and historical photography but he is mostly passionate about capturing the images of well-known artists, ballet and modern dancers and their artistic portraits.
 The Heldwein’s dance images represent the way of holding up the elusive dance movement treating the possibility of using the light as an effect creating the unique shape. For 25 years Andrzej Heldwein has continually attracted clients who understand that photography is essentially a free flowing, unobtrusive story-telling collection of images that celebrates our life and times.

He is a member of  the Kunstverein Freiburg.

   Works in Collections: Austria, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, United Kingdom